02/14/92 - Kokusai Koryu Center, Osaka, JP


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1a DAT 9.0 Yes 63 Sony ECM-939 > Sony TCD-D3 DAT(2)>FLAC
AUD #1b DAT 9.0 Yes 67 Sony ECM-939 > Sony TCD-D3 Osaka 1992 CD>FLAC
AMT CLIP #1 VID 8.5 No 01:30 Unknown Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! DVD / Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! LD [official releases]
Notes for AUD #1a: Older DAT>ANA(1) versions are also in circulation.
Notes for AUD #1b: Remastered but more complete in the beginning, after 'Blew' and 'Love Buzz', and at the end than AUD #1a.
Notes for AMT CLIP #1: Amateur video, filmed from the back of the venue. Feature the first half of 'Something In The Way' and some banter before 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' only. See Live Nirvana's Companion To Official Releases for more information on this video.