11/25/91 - NOB Radiostudio (2 Meter Sessie), Hilversum, NL


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
SBD #1a Pre-FM 9.0 No 21 Soundboard > Unknown Master>RealAudio>FLAC
SBD #1b Post-FM 9.5 No 12 Soundboard > Unknown ADR>MD(1)>FLAC
SBD #1c Post-FM 9.5 No 10 Soundboard > Unknown FM>ANA(1)>FLAC
Notes for SBD #1a: Surfaced in November 2002 when VPRO put 20 minutes of this session online for 24-hours in RealAudio format on their website. Technically this source is pre-FM, but unfortunately being Real Audio it is compressed. The broadcast includes the following songs: 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night', 'Here She Comes Now', Grohl jam and an unknown NIRVANA song/jam. The session is not complete: correspondence with the station has revealed that an hour of material was recorded and it is known that at least another take of 'Here She Comes Now' was recorded. Please consult Live Nirvana's Sessions History for more information about the recording of this radio session.
Notes for SBD #1b: 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night' and 'Here She Comes Now' only. Higher quality than SBD #1a and #1c. Unfortunately there is DJ banter talking over the end of 'Here She Comes Now' which is not present on SBD #1a or SBD #1c and this source, like SBD #1a, is compressed (though less so).
Notes for SBD #1c: 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night' and 'Here She Comes Now' only. Lower quality than SBD #1a and SBD #1b but not compressed and does not have DJ banter over the of 'Here She Comes Now'.

SPECIAL NOTES: This radio session is available on a plethora of bootlegs, but in inferior quality and less complete form than the sources above; see Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show.
SPECIAL NOTES: Acoustic performance.