05/01/90 - Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1 ANA 6.0 No 34 unknown > unknown (micro-cassette) ANA(x)>MP3 [128kbps]
SBD #1 ANA 9.0 No 46 Soundboard > Unknown ANA(M)>CDR(1)>FLAC
Notes for AUD #1: Circulated in August 2016. Missing 'School', 'Floyd The Barber', 'Dive' and 'Spank Thru'. 'Love Buzz' cuts in and cuts out, 'Breed' cuts in, 'About A Girl' cuts in, 'Scoff' is cut within and 'Polly' cuts in. Almost all between song banter is cut out.
Notes for SBD #1: In January 2008 a non MP3 sourced version of this source was circulated, replacing the old ANA(M)>CDR(1)>MP3>FLAC version. Has a minor cut between every song (probably the result of a poor transfer). It does also have some minor dropouts throughout the recording. 'Stain' cuts out and 'Been A Son', 'Negative Creep' and 'Blew' is missing.