02/17/90 - Iguana's, Tijuana, MX


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AMT #1 VID 7.0 No 33 Unknown VHS(4)>MiniDV(2)>DVDR / VHS(3)>CDR
Notes for AMT #1: Multi camera amateur video with open mic audio. 'Love Buzz' cuts in and the recording cuts out during the end noise. A 4th generation video has been transferred to DVD; see Live Nirvana's DVD Guide for more information. The audio portion is circulating on CDR from a 3rd generation tape. NOTE: the first song on the circulating version, 'School', is overdubbed from 'Bleach'. One can only speculate that the band perhaps intended to make a music video from this show. Also it seems unlikely, from analysing the video, that 'School' really was the first song played. It may well be that the circulating video has been edited and is incomplete given the odd song order.
SPECIAL NOTES: In March 2004 it was revealed that the true date of this show was 02/17/90. Hitherto it had been circulating as 02/18/90.