12/02/89 - Democrazy, Gent, BE


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1 ANA 7.5 Yes 58 Unknown mic > Aiwa HS-J07 ANA(1)>FLAC
AUD #2 ANA 9.0 Yes 57 Unknown ANA(M)>FLAC
Notes for AUD #1: There is a small drop-out during 'Spank Thru', which may be from the master. An incomplete version of this source can be found on the bootleg 'Krist Jamming'. This bootleg was sourced from an inferior trading circle version and so should be avoided; see Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show. In April 2005 an upgraded ANA(1) tape was transferred. Avoid the older ANA(1) transfer.
Notes for AUD #2: A master transfer was circulated December 2nd 2019. Cut in 'Blew' for tape change.

SPECIAL: The Twilight Zone jam performed between 'Scoff' and 'Love Buzz' was also played at 11/08/89 and 11/09/89.