11/26/89 - Bloom, Mezzago, IT


Cobain with TAD: NIRVANA:

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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1 ANA 9.0 Yes 57 Unknown In The Bloom CD>FLAC
AUD #2 ANA 6.0 Yes 65 built-in>Legby UCR 1062 ANA(M)>FLAC
AMT #1 VID 8.0 No 16 built-in>Sony CCD-F500 8MM(M)>VHS(1)>DVDR / 8MM(M)>VHS(1)>FLAC
Notes for AUD #1: This complete audience source of NIRVANA's set is only available on the bootleg releases 'Into The Bloom' and 'It's All Going Wrong'; see Live Nirvana's Bootography for more information on commercial releases of this show. It used to be believed that this source was a soundboard recording and often appears on older trade lists as such a recording. However, closer inspection reveals it is really just a very good audience recording. NOTES: 'Blew' from this source has been broadcast on the radio. It is unclear if this complete source is pre-FM or sourced from a complete radio broadcast.
Notes for AUD #2: A master transfer surfaced November 26th 2019. There is a digital error in Scoff, resulting in a short cut.
Notes for AMT #1: Amateur video, shot from back-left of the venue. The video features 'School', 'Love Buzz' and 'Big Cheese' (cuts in) and 'Negative Creep' (cuts in and cuts out) from NIRVANA's set. It used to be believed that the whole NIRVANA set was recorded, but the taper has been found and he has denied this. A first generation tape has been transferred to DVD; see Live Nirvana's DVD Guide for more information. The bootleg 'Welcome To Italy' features 'School' and 'Love Buzz' from the private video in inferior quality to this video.