11/11/89 - Ecstacy, Berlin, DE


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1a ANA 7.5 Yes 40 Unknown ANA(2)>FLAC
AUD #1b ANA 8.5 Yes 38 Unknown ANA(1)>DAT(1)>FLAC
AUD #2 ANA 9.0 Yes 43 Unknown ANA(x)>FLAC
Notes for AUD #1a: In March 2006 an ANA(2) upgrade was circulated, replacing older ANA(4) versions. There are many cuts, but the show is believed to be complete, with Cobain curtailing the show part-way through 'Breed' due to equipment problems.
Notes for AUD #1b: Surfaced in January 2006. Lower generation and better sounding overall than AUD #1a but unfortunately the circulating transfer has digital errors. A new transfer is being pursued.
Notes for AUD #2: Circulated in April 2013 and is sourced from a commercial bootleg cassette tape. Has lots of between-song cuts.