A pot pourri of shows which have some distinguishing features.

07/15/89 - Green Street Station, Jamaica Plain, MA, US
Cobain smahed his guitar at the previous concert, and had no replacement. Jason Everman plays the songs alone.

03/07/87 - 17 Nussbaum Road (a house party), Raymond, WA, US
The band's first show. Nuff said.

04/17/87 - KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA, US
The second NIRVANA show known to collectors, featuring a cover of 'White Lace and Strange'. It features rough playing, but gives a fascinating insight into the band's origins.

01/23/88 - Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA, US
The performance of the demo tape recorded earlier that day. Captured in poor quality, but still a fascinating historical document.

09/22/90 - Motor Sports International and Garage, Seattle, WA, US
The only perfomance with Danny Peters on drums is plagued by equipment problems, but is rated extremely highly by many collectors. Roar Aashiem considers it to contain, "[The] best "Dive" ever. I love Dan Peters drumming."

10/23/93 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, US
Chris Hickman, a noted critic of shows of this era, says, "the only 'In Utero' show worth mentioning, as it contains the only known performance of "You Know You're Right". Good "Endless, Nameless" too."