Early shows feature very little in dialogue; the band churned out the songs in quick succession. As they became more popular, the band felt the need to interact more with the audience, a role Kurt was only too happy to delegate to Chris / Krist. Cobain's comments and remarks became rarer and rarer over time, which means that to collectors, any significant Cobain contribution at all to the atmosphere of a concert became notable.

08/30/92 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK
Taken out of context, the dialogue is still amusing. In the context of the band being rumoured to have split, that this was their final show, that Cobain's drugs problem would prevent him from appearing, this show was an unexpected triumph.

02/22/94 - Palaghiaccio, Roma, IT
Krist steals the show on this one, in dire contrast to Kurt's one mumbling. Some of his funniest ever lines.

01/23/93 - Pra├ža da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival), Rio de Janeiro, BR
The whole band play off each other well, with Chris making comments varying from the baffling to the inane.

10/25/91 - The Palace (Rock For Choice Benefit), Hollywood, CA, US
Chris seems rather intoxicated and keen to proselytise, resulting in some lengthy rants, which are fascinating (the first time you hear them).

11/22/89 - U4, Wien, AT
Chris is on top form again when the band is harangued by some drunken locals.

09/10/92 - The Portland Meadows (No On 9 Benefit), Portland, OR, US
Cobain opens the show with a number of wisecracks, in possibly his most vocal concert.

11/27/93 - AT&T Bayfront Park Amphitheater, Miami, FL, US
Kurt is on fine form tonight.

12/30/93 - Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, US
A legendarily good perfomance, featuring wit from the whole band.