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Spread Eagle Beagle

Side Project

Song Author

Recording Session(s)
1992-1993 Brilliant Studios, San Francisco, CA

A Melvins song that is on Houdini, an album which Kurt helped produce. This song has Kurt on extra percussion and is very weird - is over 10 minutes long, and sounds like someone banging on large metalplates.
A remixed version of this song, with Melvins song "Stoner Witch" mixed into it, can be found on a limited release double CD set as "Spread Eagle". The same song also appears on a limited 7" single where it's labeled "Spread Eagle Witch" on the label sticker, but titled "Spread Eagle" on the actual 7" disc.

(Thanks to DN member roberto for their input.)


Alternate/Working Titles
Spread Eagle
Spread Eagle Witch

Common Mislabels
None Documented

Mislabels in the Bootography
None Documented


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