The Live Nirvana Song Guide
The Live Nirvana Song Guide

The LiveNIRVANA Song Guide (LNSG) aims to catalogue comprehensively ALL songs written and performed by the band NIRVANA. The guide features both original NIRVANA compositions as well as the songs they covered and includes known live renditions and jams.

For each song the guide provides a wealth of information, such as lyrics, alternate titles, official releases and much much more!

The LNSG is the only such resource on the net and remains a work in progress. Over the coming months additional functionality will be added (such as a search feature) and links with other sections of the site will be incorporated. Should you spot any information that is incorrect or have additions to make, please drop the current maintainer a line.


SPECIAL NOTE: This guide was originally written and hosted at (the now defunct) The content was kindly entrusted to to maintain and update.

CONTRIBUTORS: Morten Madsen, Mitch Vassar, Dave Benne, Rasmus Holmen and the members of

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