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Krist Novoselic's Eulogy

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Krist Novoselic

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[ No, this is NOT a song but it appears on some bootlegs and has been asked about before. Technically it doesn't belong here but information regarding Krist Novoselic's Eulogy has been requested before and it would be a shame if we didn't maintain it. Thanks - Mitch ]

From 1994.04.10 - Seattle Center Flag Pavilion - Seattle, WA.
This is Krist doing a small speech in memory of Kurt, at the memorial ceremony held 2 days after Kurt's body was found.


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On behalf of Dave, Pat, and I, I would like to thank you all for your concern at this time. We remember Kurt for what he was: caring, generous, and sweet. Let's keep the music with us. We'll always have it... Forever. Kurt had an ethic towards his fans that was rooted in the punk rock way of thinking. No band is special, no player royalty. But if you've got a guitar and a lot of soul just bang something out and mean it. You're the superstar. Plugged in the tones and rhythms that are uniquely and universally human: music. Heck... use your guitar as a drum, just catch the groove and let it flow out of your heart. That's the level Kurt spoke to us on: in our hearts, and that's where he, and the music, will always be, forever.

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