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I Stand Horrified

Song Jammed On

Song Author
Daniel Johnston

Recording Session(s)
November 25, HOB Audio, Hilversum, NL (2 Meter Sessie)



Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
None Documented

Mislabels in the Bootography
None Documented

From Big Big World

You lay on your back
with the stars in your eyes
and I stand... horrified

I heard what you said
and I know what you meant
and I stand... horrified

I feel like I've been through a divorce
we were only seeing each other for a few months, of course
but I stand... horrified

You're a drag for not being hip to me!
You look into his sympathy eye
and your heart is sick like a dull sunrise
and you're a drag for not being hip to me!

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