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Bambi Slaughter

Side Project

Song Author
Kurt Cobain

Writing Period

Recording Session(s)
Easter, 1986 Earl Residence, Burien, WA

This song is from Kurt Cobain's 1985 Fecal Matter demo Illiteracy Will Prevail. A mp3 file of this song surfaced on the Internet in March 2006.  It does sound like a Melvins song in most spots (only faster).  The lyrics are nearly impossible to transcribe.

This song is NOT the same song as found on several bootlegs, such as those listed in the Bootography.  That is a different acoustic, 4-track recording (from a 1988 demo) and its title is not known.  The Cobain solo 4-track demo was released on a bootleg released in 1997 titled Dressed For Success with the title "Bambi Kill."  That disc claimed to contain Fecal Matter tracks, but they were all demos from the late 1980's.


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
None Documented

Mislabels in the Bootography
Bambi Kill
Bambie Kill

Illiteracy Will Prevail demo version

Shooting, breaking the laws
Raiding Grandma’s garage
Selling personal possessions for pot
Hocked my Daddy’s favorite gold-plated watch

Stripping the foreskin from my bones
Scrubbing my nerves with wire brush
Wanton intentions floating thoughts
Hiding the debts and tied my knots

Bambi slaughter ain’t the same as killing humans (3x)
The way of the world

Looting the medicine cabinet for drugs
Stealing tobacco from grocery stores
Scamming tapes from my trustworthy friends
We just need planning pretty little houses to rob

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