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A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge

Side Project

Song Author

Recording Session(s)
October, 1990 Smegma Studios, Portland, OR

This song, mainly an instrumental, is by the band Earth, fronted by Kurt Cobain's friend Dylan Carlson.
It was originally recorded as one long song, but when Sub Pop released the song on the album Extra-Capsular Extraction it was cut into two parts. Kurt's contribution can be found only on "part 2" where he can be heard on backup vocals. "Part 2" also features Carlson on main vocals while Kelly Canary provided the screams.

A 12" clear vinyl bootleg released in May 2000, titled 10 1990, features the song as one continuous, unedited track. On this release Kurt's voice can be more clearly heard than on the official release.

Contrary to earlier information, Cobain did not play guitar on either part of this song.

During recording of the song, Earth also recorded some additional songs, one of them being "Ouroboros Is Broken" which was later released as 7". Contrary to common belief Kurt did not contribute to this song. He was however involved in two other Earth songs - "Divine And Bright" and "Private Affair."

(Thanks to DN member Rob Heron and fellow Earth aficionado Michael Gillham for obtaining this info from former Earth member Joe Preston. Also thanks to DN member roberto for additional information)


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
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Mislabels in the Bootography
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Once in a while there is a girl
High and murdered by your son
Once in a while there is a man
Man from ???? ????
In the sky it's dark and wild
Through the sky ???? ????
On the earth it's cold and clear
I could not ???? ????
How could I ???? ????

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