LIVE NIRVANA SESSIONS HISTORY (The Sellouts) 1986 - Novoselic residence, Aberdeen, WA, US

  • The Sellouts
    • Cobain, Kurt (drums)
    • Newman, Steve (bass)
    • Novoselic, Krist (vocals, guitar)
  • [?] TBC

It is not known whether these sessions were recorded, no tapes have surfaced to date.

Noting that the Melvins were awarded the princely sum of $80 for a night's work, Novoselic and Cobain started a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band, aptly named The Sellouts. (1) The band practiced at Krist and Shelli's house, but only got as far as five or six rehearsals. (1) The band split after bassist, Steve Instant Newman, attacked Cobain with a vacuum cleaner; Cobain responded by braining Newman with a 2×4. (1)

  1. Azerrad, Michael, 1993. Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana. Doubleday.

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