LIVE NIRVANA SESSIONS HISTORY (Fecal Matter) Mid 1985 - Bathroom, Bong residence, Moclips, WA, US

  • Fecal Matter
    • Cobain, Kurt (vocals, guitar)
    • Crover, Dale (bass)
    • Hokanson, Greg (drums)
  • [?] TBC

A recording is known to exist, but is not circulating.

Of the handful of boombox demos he recorded with Fecal Matter, Greg Hokanson cites the session at Dana Bong's house as a particular success. The band set up in Bong's bathroom, so that Cobain's vocal could benefit from the room's natural reverb. Primitive overdubbing techniques were employed, We recorded the music, then played it back on a different stereo while re-recording Kurt singing directly into the ghettoblaster. Eat your heart out Les Paul! (1)

  1. Hokanson, Greg, 2007. Personal communication with Alex Roberts.

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