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LiveNIRVANA.com Tour Retrospective

This section will contain a list of reviews of all NIRVANA's tours. It is called a 'Tour Retrospective' because the reviews are in-depth and from today's viewpoint, as opposed to contemporary reviewers who could not foresee what was going to happen.

At present the section features reviews of the 1992 Pacific Rim 'Nevermind' tour and the 1994 European 'In Utero' tour. The tour reviews were written by Matt Seward, and are all extremely eloquent, evocative examples of the art of creative writing. We are very grateful to him for having used his talents to create this new sister document to the Live NIRVANA Tour History.

The section also features a number of individual show-specific reviews, written and contributed by the readers of LiveNIRVANA.com.

This section is fully integrated with the Live NIRVANA Tour History; click on 'Reviews' on the left to bring up the Tour Reviews.

MAINTAINED BY: Adam Andrews and Charles Furth

WRITTEN BY: Matt Seward

CONTRIBUTORS: Felipe Souza, Michael Shaw, David Duell, Kit Klarenberg

CODING BY: Matt Empson

LAST UPDATED: March 29, 2003

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