LIVE NIRVANA PHOTO HISTORY June 26, 1992 - Roskilde, DK

Søren Rud
Shoot location
Dyrskuepladsen, Roskilde, DK

In 1992, Denmark wins the European Championship in football on the big screen at the festival site, and right after, the legendary Nirvana plays on the Orange Stage. The festival had cleared the music program in favor of the winner's match. We used the waiting time to give the band platinum for Nevermind, talk babies with Courtney and try to explain to Kurt that football was important to Denmark, while sipping champagne with the rest of the band in the sunshine, on a very, very special day. Luckily (as almost always in my time as Head of Promotion for BMG) I had photographer Søren Rud by my side and, after some persuasion from the management and the band, got Søren to immortalize this very special event which was otherwise not something we were allowed to do to with Nirvana at all. Fortunately, they were all in good spirits, and we had a happy and problem-free experience with them that I will never forget. - Annetta Elmo
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