LIVE NIRVANA PHOTO HISTORY December 10, 1991 - Newport, UK

Matthew Weir
Shoot location
TJ's, Newport, UK

I asked him if I could take a couple of photos, to which he assumed I meant of me and him together. I told him 'No, just you', to which he looked puzzled but went along with it. He seemed quiet, shy, all the things you generally read about him, or at least one side of him. Lastly I asked him for his autograph for my mum, I thought he'd like that more. To this day my mum still has it pressed between the pages of a book. A yellow post it with 'Isobel Kurt' in childlike scrawl.

Garland, Emma, 2015. A Love Letter to Newport TJ's, Wales’ Most Legendary Venue, VICE.
COPYRIGHT: © Matthew Weir COPYRIGHT: © Matthew Weir