LIVE NIRVANA PHOTO HISTORY August 15, 1991 - West Hollywood, CA, US

Shoot location
The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, US

It's me together with Dave Grohl of Nirvana hanging out backstage at the legendary Nirvana show at The Roxy's in Hollywood in 1991. I've actually never been a friend of 'Me and my Star' pics but this one was taken by a member of their crew who sassily grabbed my camera while I was chatting with Dave. Snapshot. No need to say that these days still belong to my favorite memories as a music maniac. By the way, after the Roxy gig I accompanied the guys (Kurt was indisposed) to an After Show Party that took place at the house of one of the girls from the band L7 – and as it was just too laborious to head back to my headquarter in Santa Monica I even slept in their hotel room. Totally drunk and just covered with some blankets on the room floor. The next day the video shooting for Smells Like Teen Spirit too place.

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