11 All Apologies (Newcastle, UK 12/02/91)

This rendition surfaced on the 'Entertain Us' 12" vinyl bootleg, but it not actually from this concert. It is probably from a British 1991 concert. Possibilities would include 12/03/91 and 12/04/91, but the editor considers 11/04/91 most likely.

Brian Johnson: "I am at sort of a loss in describing this one. Yeah, it's a little sloppy, and the song was still a work in progress at the time, but there's something about this rendition that makes it stand out from all the others. The way Kurt sings "I'm in love with you" gives the song sort of an innocent, euphoric quality not found on any other performance of this song. It hits me in a very deep way, and I am still not exactly sure why. Ehh, maybe I think too much."

Also: 11/18/93

12 Breed (Seattle, WA, US 10/31/91)

A video of this song features on Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Gina Scarlet, "This one clip defines the mania and the obsession. The swirling spotlights are a great touch too."

Also: 10/11/91, 11/11/91, 12/28/91.

13 Negative Creep (Honolulu, HI, US 02/22/92)

A storming start to the show, with well choreographed light show. Also features on Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Javier Diaz's top choice.

Also: 10/31/91

14 Here She Comes Now (Charlotte, NC, US 05/02/90)

Christopher Allen's overll favorite: "I listen to this show more then any other and does it open up with a bang or what? The 7 plus minute version of this Velvet Underground song has to be the best in my opinion. Kurt's guitar playing on this song can't be touched. So much energy and heart put into that performance."

15 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (New York, NY, US 11/18/93)

Also: 10/31/91, 10/11/91, 10/12/91.

16 Scoff (London, UK 10/24/90)

Also: 11/22/89, 03/08/91, 05/06/90.

17 Beeswax (Buenos Aires, AR 10/30/92)

Appears here solely due to the 1992 rendition. Erik Sieckman: "Dave's drumming really brings out the best in Beeswax. 10/30/92 is my favorite Nirvana concert, and this song is definitely the highlight."

18 Love Buzz (Rio de Janeiro, BR 01/23/93)

Gina Scarlet: "Excellent 'extended' Bass Intro when kurt misses his mark. The closeup of the hey-zeus statue in the video. Kurt's wicked little imbellishments in the two solo breaks. Kurt kicking on the DS-2, exhaling cigarette smoke through his nose AS he starts singing "can you feel my...." That is completely badass (not to mention fukn hard to do)."

Also: 10/19/91.

19 Sappy (Rennes, FR 02/16/94)

Also: 11/25/90.

20 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Seattle, WA, US 12/13/93)

Also: 02/16/94.

21 Sliver (Reading, UK 08/30/92)

Morten Madsen, "I'm not too crazy about Sliver, but this one is just neat."

22 Floyd The Barber (09/01/91 or 12/28/91)

Also: 10/11/90.

23 Come As You Are (Amsterdam, NL 11/25/91)

Also: 10/30/92.

24 Oh, The Guilt (Seattle, WA, US 11/25/90)

25 Polly (07/07/89 or 07/13/89 or 10/25/89 or 11/16/91)

26 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (02/16/94 or 12/30/93)

27 Dumb (12/31/91)

28 On A Plain (10/12/91 or 06/26/92 or 11/18/93)

29 Paper Cuts (10/24/90 or 12/28/88)

30 About A Girl (08/30/92 or 09/01/91)