Sliver/Dive (Sub Pop Records)

Song: Date Recorded: Studio/Venue:
Sliver July 11, 1990 Reciprocal Studios, Seattle, WA
Dive April, 1990 Smart Studios, Wisconsin, WI
About A Girl (live) February 09, 1990 Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR
Spank Thru (live) February 09, 1990 Pine Street Theatre, Portland OR

Released: 09/??/90 (US), 01/??/91 (UK)

Releases: First 3,000 7" American releases were on blue vinyl in fold-over sleaves and was subsequently reissued in many colours in solid sleeves, being the only Nirvana single on Sub Pop still in print. British releases on Tupelo were originally on 7" vinyl (with the first 2,000 on green vinyl) in a gatefold sleeve. The 12" vinyl features 'About A Girl', live from 02/09/90. The CD-version had included 'About A Girl' and also 'Spank Thru', again from 02/09/90.

Additional Information: 'Spank Thru' on the CD versions is incorrectly spelt 'Spank Through'. The A-side of the 7", after 'Sliver', also features a 45-second phone conversation outro, between a very hung-over Krist Noveselic and Jonathon Poneman, which Krist accidently recorded on his answerphone. This was excluded when this version of 'Sliver' appeared on 'Incesticide', rather like the intro to 'Love Buzz' was culled from vinyl versions when it made its transition to CD. A incomplete soundboard version of the 02/09/90 show featured on this release is available in trading circles. A complete session tape of all the finalised versions of songs from the April 1990 studio appearance is also circulating. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster