The Priest They Called Him (Tim/Kerr Records)

Song: Date Recorded: Studio:
The Priest They Called Him November, 1992 Laundry Room Studios, Seattle, WA, US

Released: 07/01/93.

Releases: Released as a CD and 10" single (with the signatures of Burroughs and Cobain etched into the B-side). 10,000 picture discs, 5,000 regular discs, 5,000 with yellow vinyl on the B-side and 10,000 on black vinyl are released. Discs were all hand-numbered.

Additional Information: Cobain plays his guitar whilst Burroughs reads a short story. Cobain originally recorded some 27 minutes of 'guitar noise', but this was cut down to 12 minutes. According to Gaar in her 1997 Goldmine article, this release came about through Cobain's friend at T/K Records, Thor Lindsay. Both shared a passion for Burrough's works and she suggested that he do a collaboration with Borroughs. Cobain refused to put his signature on the vinyl release. Lindsay got it by asking for his autograph after the 4/9/93 gig. The press release for the record referred to Cobain as "Kurtis Cohbaine", yet another variation on his name. Krist features on the cover in a priest's outfit. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster