Oh, The Guilt (Touch and Go Records; a split single with 'Jesus Lizard')

Song: Date Recorded: Studio:
Oh, The Guilt April, 1992 Laundry Room Studios, Seattle, WA

Released: 02/22/93 (US and Europe)

Releases: 200,000 copies released world-wide. In America released as a 7", cassette single and CD single. In the UK released as a 7" (on blue vinyl) and CD single. In Australia it was released as a 7" picture disc (limited to 1,500) and a 12". Canadian- and German-made CDs came in a jewel case, the British a card sleeve.

Additional Information: At least two other songs were recorded at the 1992 Laundry Room session: 'Curmudgeon' (which features on some versions of the 'Lithium' single) and 'Return of the Rat' (which features on 'Eight/Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage and the Wipers'). At Cobain's insistence this split single was released exclusively on 'Touch and Go Records', with DGC firstly suggesting they handle distribution and manufacture in the US and then asking to take care of worldwide sales (Gaar, Goldmine). | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster