No Alternative (Arista Records)

Song: Date Recorded: Studio:
Sappy February 14-March, 1993 Pachyderm Studios, Canon Falls, MN

Released: 08/93, 08/94

Releases: Released on CD and cassette. The 1994 release features alternate ('girl') artwork.

Additional Information: 'Sappy' is the last track on the CD and is not listed on the majority of pressings nor credited in the booklet. The song is officially titled 'Verse Chorus Verse' on this release. It is now referred to as 'Sappy' to differentiate the song from another earlier Cobain composition which was also dubbed 'Verse Chorus Verse'. This other song was played live on a few occasions. (10) In spite of this academic distinction, it seems clear that Cobain preferred to call the song previously titled 'Sappy' in 1990-91 by the name 'Verse Chorus Verse' by this point. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster