Molly's Lips (Sub Pop Records; a split single with the 'Fluid')

Song: Date Recorded: Venue:
Molly's Lips (live) February 09, 1990 Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR

Released: 01/??/91

Releases: A 'Sub Pop Singles Club' release (number 27), like 'Love Buzz/Big Cheese'. Limited to 7,500 copies: 4,000 on marbled green vinyl and the rest on black.

Additional Information: According to CAYA (p.163) Cobain did not want this single to be released, feeling that this version of 'Molly Lips' was rather "ragged". However, it was released because it was part of the buyout deal from 'Sub Pop Records'. 'Later' is etched into the run-out grove. Charles Peterson took the cover shot. An incomplete soundboard version of this show is available in trading circles. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster