Lithium (Geffen Records)

Song: Date Recorded: Studio/Venue:
Lithium May-June, 1991 Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA
Been A Son (live) October 31, 1991 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
Curmudgeon April, 1992 Laundry Room Studios, Seattle, WA
D-7 October 21, 1990 Maida Vale Studios, London, UK

Released: 07/20/92 (UK), 07/21/92 (US)

Releases: In the US the 7" and cassette was backed with a live version of 'Been A Son', whilst the 12" and CD also included 'Curmudgeon'. In the UK the 7" was backed with 'Curmudgeon', the 12" added the live version of 'Been A Son' and CDs included a fourth track, 'D-7'.

Additional Information: The cover was designed by Kurt and the single includes a sonogram of Frances Bean Cobain. Contains all the lyrics to 'Nevermind'. A complete soundboard of 10/31/91 is available in trading circles. The complete 10/21/90 radio session is also circulating amongst traders. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 | Contact webmaster