Have you got some live NIRVANA material which you would like authenticated? Have you discovered what may be a new source for a show but don't know whether it is already circulating? Do you want to know if your CDR of a show is the best circulating version?

The staff here at can help.

As the only way to ascertain what is the best source for any particular concert is by comparing it to a recording of known quality, and since many traders are unlikely to be able to have this basis for comparison, we at LN are offering you the use of our expertise in this field to help to ensure that you are able to keep your list as honest as possible.

If you drop us an email at and describe your query, our resident panel of experts will do our best to answer. For example, if you email to say that you have received a CDR of a show which claims to be a certain generation, we can try to check this for you. We may ask you to email us MP3 clips or to lend us the CDR. That way, we will help you to verify the authenticity of your CDR.

The LNCU Team