Letter to clubs where Nirvana (may have) played

Notes: this is the outline of a letter to be sent to a club where NIRVANA played, or might have played. You could start out by scouring the Nirvana Live Guide to find the names of some venues where NIRVANA is known to have played. Next you need the address; do an internet search, or use directory enquiries. It is probably best to address the letter to The Manager, if you do not know the name of anybody at the venue.

  [Your address]
[Email/Tel #]

[Address of recipient]

Dear Sirs [if you can find a pertinent name of someone, even better],

I am writing on behalf of an ongoing biographical/cultural project to research and catalogue the history of the American grunge band 'Nirvana'.

Since there are no official logs of events in the band's history, we aim to create our own databases on the internet. We consider ourselves to be creating an immensely valuable resource, documenting an era which is already the subject of serious academic research. All our findings are published and distributed free of charge on the internet, and are used by, among others, biographers and the former band members themselves.

To further these aims I am writing to enquire whether you have any knowledge of any Nirvana events at [the venue you arew writing to], or anywhere else. I would be fascinated to hear if you have any recollections of the show or the setlist and whether the show was recorded (either by the club or "bootlegged" by fans).

I would be extremely grateful if you could spare a moment to reply to me either by email or telephone.

[Yours faithfully, (if you used "Dear Sirs"), or Yours sincerely, (if you wrote to someone using their name)]

[sign the letter]
[your name]

Suggested changes: you could add the following words:
"If you are unable to answer my query, I would be grateful if you could pass it on to someone else in [name of the company] who might be able to help."