LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE February 27, 1994 - Ljubljana, SI

Steve Blame
Krist Novoselic
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Krist Novoselic: It's really shocking. There's so many horrible aspects to what's happened and what people have done to each other. I think that's an aspect of it that a lot of people have ignored. Like, rape wasn't even considered a war crime. Like, even in Nuremberg, nobody was tried for rape. So, you know… I was hearing stories in refugee camps, how women rape victims were just kinda lumped in with everybody else and they weren't really having any special needs. I think that's just an indicator of people's perspective towards women.

KN: The band has an organization, it's kinda my pet thing, it's called the Balkan Women's Aid Fund. What we do is, like, solicit foundations for grants and ask people for individual donations too. We did some work with the Italian Red Cross and we got some money to the Autonomous Women's House working out of Zagreb. And all these organizations that we work with have a feminist perspective and we think that's important because if you get those values across, you change people's values overall.

KN: See, the media needs a story, so they tend to make things dramatic. Through television and radio and in newsprint, you make like this… you can make a reality, through some, like, collective consciousness about things, and people go for it and that's dangerous. There's just so much information and disinformation out there, so, it's like, I might as well throw my 2 cents in.

KN: Like, now that the political landscape and economic landscape of The West, or Europe, has changed. You know, countries like Slovenia are just part of Europe now, there's really no Iron Curtain or anything. People are the same wherever you go, really. Basically, people just wanna live a normal lifestyle without hassles.

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