LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE December 13, 1993 - Seattle, WA, US

Gillian G. Gaar
Krist Novoselic
Pat Smear
Publisher Title Transcript
The Rocket #195 1993: Teen Angst Pays Off Well Yes

Do you mind playing these large events? I'd read you were more interested in playing smaller halls.

Krist: No, we want to play huge, enormo domes, but the reality dictates that we play the small halls. So much for our egos! We wanted to play the Astrodome, and what we played was the Astro Arena! It's right next to the Astrodome. We drove up to it and we saw the Astrodome and we saw the Astro Arena which held like eight or nine thousand and maybe six thousand showed up. Maybe we're not so big in Houston! Everything's big in Texas except Nirvana.

It seems the media has turned its attention to Pearl Jam these days.

Krist: Yeah, now we're jealous, and our egos are deflated like a limp balloon. No, a limp hippity hop! You can't even jump on it and have fun.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

Krist: To quit all of my bad habits.

How come “School” isn't on the set list for tonight? That's one of my favorites.

Krist: You'll see it in January. We love that song. It's easy to play, too! [Note: the band did play “School” that night. Thanks.]

You used to be at such odds with the corporate side of the biz; how does it feel doing all this stuff for MTV lately?

Krist: We're dancing with the devil. There's no denying it. We always have been, the day we signed that contract. Not the contract with Geffen, but the contract at the crossroads. There's just no denying it.

It's a long way from the [Tacoma] Community World Theater.

Krist: I got the shit beat out of me there! Oh, fuck, man, I got worked over! These gangsters were the bouncers there, the Fluid was there and I think TAD. And we were all pretty drunk and rowdy and they were pushing this girl and I had this full beer bottle… And one of the guys from the Fluid said he never saw a thing of such fast velocity fly. I chucked this beer bottle and it missed the guy's head by this much. And I wish I would have hit it because I just remember waking up in the alley just going, “Oh, fuck, man!” [had a black eye and a fat lip. Those guys just worked me over. I got worked over bad.

Are you working on the next album?

Krist: A little bit. I just bought this nylon 12-string guitar. I've been liking the sound of it alot. [He begins ranting about a recently trashed hotel room] The guys who do the figures [for the hotel]—they're Scrooging me, financially. They're gouging me, those fuckers. They're going to try to get it. They're not going to get it. I'll take 'em to fucking court. I don't care if their TV got smashed and the walls got ruined. I don't care if the room is gutted out, a burned out shell. [to Pat Smear, the band's new guitarist, who's walking by] Did you hear how much they're charging for all that damage? Three thousand dollars.

Pat Smear: That was my exact guess!

Krist: That's bullshit, man! What happened to the walls? There's wine all over the walls. Ask Kurt Loder. He'll tell you about it. He was there! He did it! And since I was so drunk…he did it, not me. He was there. He drank all that wine.

Where was this?

Krist: Minneapolis.

Did you see Prince?

Krist: We trashed his whole studio!

© Gillian G. Gaar, 1994