Al Morris
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Tony Barber
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AL MORRIS: This is Al Morris, the host of HYPE TV and I'm here at the Paradise on Commonwealth Ave in Boston, a little after hours thing going on here. I'm here with members of Nirvana, members of the Dough Boys and in fact a member of the Buzzcocks. Guys, welcome to HYPE TV. How's it going?


AL MORRIS: How's the tour going for you guys? Are you guys getting a good response out there? I know your unit's tearing up.

KRIST NOVOSELIC: [inaudible]

KURT COBAIN: I've had about 30 shoes in my face and 10 coins, 1 bottle of Jägermeister and that's about it.

AL MORRIS: Any stitches involved with this activity?

KURT COBAIN: No. I'm self-healing.

AL MORRIS: Self-healing, like Christine in that Stephen King movie?

KURT COBAIN: [gargles water]

AL MORRIS: Exactly. Have you had any injuries?

KRIST NOVOSELIC: I can't. That'll just affect my insurance policy.

KURT COBAIN: [forced wheezing laugh]

KRIST NOVOSELIC: Just want to say thank you to HYPE TV. You're the best… Whenever I'm wherever, I watch HYPE TV.

AL MORRIS: That's pretty much… That's pretty much the typical station I.D. we make all you guys do. We make everybody do this.

KRIST NOVOSELIC: Kudos to… Kudos to…

KURT COBAIN: [inaudible]

AL MORRIS: Isn't this the most interesting thing about your position in life that you get people you don't even know coming up to you asking you to say, "Whenever I'm in town, I always listen to such & such radio station," or "I always watch such & such TV show," and you've never in fact seen it before in your life?

KURT COBAIN: No. [walks off]

AL MORRIS: Does that bug you? Alright. Later.

TONY BARBER: This is Tony from the Buzzcocks and you're watching H-Y-P TV.


KRIST NOVOSELIC: What if some Hari Krishna walked up to you… and you were spiritually desperate? You know what I mean? What if some Manson family member walked up to you and you were spiritually vacant? And what if…

AL MORRIS: I would just say, "No."

KRIST NOVOSELIC: You would just say "No"? That's it, man. I look into you eyes and I see Nancy Reagan's sunken eyeballs! And Jeane Dixon… Jeane Dixon…

AL MORRIS: What- whatever!

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