LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September 2, 1993 - Los Angeles, CA, US

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Kurt Cobain
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The Los Angeles Times Jackson Allegations the Hot Topic Backstage at MTV Show Yes

There was no reference to the Michael Jackson child abuse allegations during the MTV Video Music Awards telecast, but it was the topic in backstage interviews—despite the objections of MTV publicists.

Although reporters were repeatedly instructed that the Jackson affair was not an "appropriate" topic, few of the celebrities were able to pass by the microphones and cameras without being quizzed about it. (Jackson's sister, Janet, avoided the tent.)

Most of the stars—from actress Sharon Stone to hip-hoppers Arrested Development—came out in support of Jackson and expressed hope that the charges prove to be untrue.

Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, who brought along a Michael Jackson impersonator when accepting an award during last year's awards telecast, was the most vocal.

"It's an absolute atrocity," Cobain said of the charges. "I think they should leave the poor guy alone. I feel very bad about making that bad joke last year and I want to apologize. I meant to make fun of rock stars as objects of worship. They should just leave the guy alone. Too many gold-diggers in the world. They should be shot."

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