LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September 2, 1993 - Los Angeles, CA, US

Steve Blame
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Kevin Kerslake
Publisher Title Transcript

MTV: …Were you surprised at winning?

Dave Grohl: No!

MTV: [laughs] Not surprised…

Kurt Cobain: [inaudible] beforehand!

Dave: They tell you beforehand, actually, so… Well, I guess if anyone looks surprised when they receive their award…

MTV: But you looked surprised when you came down there!

Dave: See, we do a good job…

Krist Novoselic: We are, after all, professionals.

Dave: We're the first ones to break the news.

Kurt: Method acting, y'know…

MTV: I noticed when you were onstage, Kurt, they just cut away from you when you were about to drop your flies.

Kurt: I just realized that my fly is open, so… I'm auditioning for a Levis 501 commercial.

MTV: You've got an album coming out in a couple of weeks and there's some rumors about having trouble with the album, are you pleased with it now?

Dave: We've always been pleased with it.

Kurt: There was never any trouble with it. The vocals were a little bit too quiet on a few of the songs, so we remixed two songs and brought the vocals up, and it's fixed.

MTV: Ok guys, thanks very much…

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