Unidentified Correspondent
Unidentified Correspondent
Krist Novoselic
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Novoselic: Garbage… garbage… boring… pretentious… [laughs]

Interviewer 1: How could people like this?

Novoselic: Well, turn on the TV set. Everybody watches garbage on TV, so why don't they listen to garbage music, right?

Interviewer 1: Yeah, people like it.

Novoselic: People vote for garbage politicians…

Interviewer 2: [inaudible]

Novoselic: Well, if they're going to pay a ticket to see the band, I hope they like it, or they're just throwing their money away. Unless they came to cheer us and throw rotten vegetables at us… fruit… eggs.

Interviewer 2: [inaudible]

Novoselic: What do I think of our big success? Well, I get a lot of bright lights in my eyes, a lot of photographers and cameras breathing down my neck. I just wanted to drink a beer and buy some stationery.

Interviewer 1: How old are you?

Novoselic: 27.

Interviewer 1: Did you ever expect this success?

Novoselic: No… it pays good.

Interviewer 2: Is it easy to deal with it?

Novoselic: Yeah… you've got to deal with everything in life… if you can't… if you can't deal with it, you’ll just lay in a fetal position in bed and cry your heart out, read romantic tragic love stories…

Novoselic: Yeah, we rehearsed. We practiced.

Interviewer 1: How's it going to be, the concert?

Novoselic: How's it going to be? The concert? It's hard to say, really. How's it going to be…

Interviewer 2: Are you going to play Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Novoselic: Yeah, we'll probably play it.

Interviewer 2: Why didn't you play it in Argentina?

Novoselic: Didn't feel like it! It's just another song, right? Why do you have to play the hit song? “Hit” rhymes with “Zit”.

Interviewer 1: OK.

Novoselic: OK, thank you. [tries to leave]

Interviewer 2: Just one moment…

Novoselic: Tori Amos? I dunno… [laughs]

Interviewer 2: What do you hear now, in music?

Novoselic: What do I hear? In music? Gah [laughs]… I'm at a loss for words! I mean… I've been talking lately and then I've been stopping mid-sentence… I've been having, like, a mind-lock, you know? I don't know if it's stress related, or drug damage… I should be the poster child for Glue Sniffers Anonymous! Gus huffin'... Oklahoma credit cards…

Interviewer 2: [inaudible] together with Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Novoselic: Oh, we've played with them before! They're red, they're hot and they're Chili Peppers.

Interviewer 2: Do you think your audience is the same as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’?

Novoselic: In some aspects, yeah. I mean, both bands have sold a lot of records, you know?

Interviewer 2: And you said in an interview that some shows are good and some are not…

Novoselic: Yeah.

Interviewer 2: ... what do you mean?

Novoselic: Well, it's just… music a pretty weird thing… It's a pretty abstract concept, you have tones and rhythms, you know? And human beings react to it. Like, I have 3 cats in my house and when I turn up the stereo…

Interviewer 1: 3 cats?!

Novoselic: … and the cats, what are they listening to? They probably hear a bunch of... [hammers on wall] They don't know what it is, but human beings have an inclination to appreciate it - it's a phenomenon. And then you have 3 guys on stage… right on! Are you a cat person or a dog person? Anyway, so human beings, they appreciate this phenomenon… to create this… it's just so abstract and sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, it’s a magical thing, you know? Just like the old Indian said, “Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't.” Little Big Man. Little Big Man, did you ever see that movie? Little Big Man? The old Indian?

Interviewer 2: [inaudible] you are the person that is speaking more…

Novoselic: ‘Cause I love the attention! I like to throw my two cents in and have my opinion! [laughs] ‘Cause I wanna rule the world! Because I'm here to impeach a President and kill a soap opera star!

Interviewer 1: [laughs] This was a very bad President.

Novoselic: Yeah… Bill Clinton might be a good president, though.

Interviewer 2: Have you heard about Collor here in Brazil?

Novoselic: The guy they kicked out? With the fancy cars and good looks!

Interviewer 2: [inaudible]

Novoselic: Really? Did they have a homosexual affair or something like that? She killed… it was a CIA and a Brazilian Secret Police plot to kill the soap opera star, 'cause she had the goods on Hillary, because Hillary had a spanking fetish… did I just say that?!?! I've gotta go! I have respect for the Clintons, I voted for them! And I just talked that shit like that 'cause they're public figures and I'm arbitrarily assaulting them…

Interviewer 1: What do you think about your Vice President?

Novoselic, Oh, I like Albert Gore! He's one of my idols!

Interviewer 1: Really?

Novoselic: Yeah.

© Unknown, 1993