LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September 9, 1992 - Los Angeles, CA, US

Tabitha Soren
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
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MTV MTV Video Music Awards 1992 Yes

MTV: Well, right now I'm standing here with two members of Nirvana, Dave and Krist. How are you doing guys?

Krist: Fine. You look great Tabitha. I have to dip you now…

Dave: Ah, your wife's gonna kill you!

Krist: My wife's gonna kill me…

MTV: Excuse us… I see you've got a camera here, have you been taking pictures of anyone backstage?

Krist: Yeah, I'm gonna take a picture of Chris Robinson, he's got these, uh…

Dave: Oh, the pants! Those are great!

Krist: …leather pants—bellbottoms, with big pot leaves down the sides—stunning! Those guys are snappy dressers, that's for sure!

MTV: And have you seen anything besides that that has caught your interest?

Dave: Probably nothing I'm allowed to tell… whatever… yes!

MTV: A lot of secret stuff back here?

Krist: We're gonna get sued for damages.

MTV: Is that what you're wearing tonight?

Dave: Yes it is. Is that what you're wearing tonight?

MTV: Yes, I'm not changing actually. Um, I wondered, um, if you thought that, with Weird Al Yankovic being up for Smells Like Teen Spirit music video award, does that you guys have sort of arrived, or does that sort of annoy you? What do you think about that?

Krist: I don't know if we ever left, arrived… that's a weird question… like, an abstract concept!

MTV: What did you think when you saw that video?

Krist: I thought, 'Oh, brother! Will wonders ever cease?!' It was funny, I was laughing, I thought it was really great y'know.

MTV: Do you- have you guys been in the studio? I know that this year has been a big year for you and this record has been really huge, but is it time to make some new music?

Krist: Yeah, we're kinda itching to make a new record, uh we've got a whole album's worth of material we're kicking around and we just want to record it…

Dave: Fast…

Krist: Fast…

Dave: And get it out before too long.

MTV: And you played some new songs at Reading, right? How did that go?

Krist: Oh, really good.

Dave: You'll probably be able to find the bootleg within a couple of months.

Krist: Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, it went well it was really fun.

MTV: Well, thanks a lot for joining us.

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