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Krist Novoselic
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MTV MTV Festival Week Yes

Novoselic: Everybody handles it differently, y'know? But I think we're all passed that. And it seems like every band does it, y'know? You just kinda go through the motions. Especially if you weren't really expecting it. I mean, we were just like… it hit us like a tonne of lead and we're kinda getting up now and brushing ourselves off and, "OK, keep jogging forward…" [laughs]

Novoselic: Last year we were like fourth or fifth on the bill. It was um the first time we'd played in front of like fourty thousand people. So that was like our first festival so it was pretty exciting.

Novoselic: Yeah, Mudhoney… we all kinda started out at the same time in Seattle. Playing around and they got us our first show in Portland and they strung us around and we opened for them a lot.

Novoselic: We're like the headliners so its kinda a responsibility. You know, it's not like you can shuffle anywhere. You gotta knock out a good show.

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Novoselic: A machine gun started rattling off and it got closer and closer and this bullet just flew right over our heads and we were terrorized… I mean, we were… it was… Urgh, I'm getting goosebumps right now thinking about it, it's really scary! I don't know how anybody can go through that on a daily basis.

Novoselic: There’s only two things left that's going to happen - it’s either annihilation, there's not gonna be a Bosnia Herzegovina, everybody there is gonna be dead (and it’s getting really close to that, things are dragging on. I mean, at the last count, at least 35,000 dead and that's a lot of people in a couple of months to die). Or, there can be some kind of mediated… something has to be done...

Novoselic: You've gotta go in there with some force… and I'm not saying commit a bunch of ground troops, but there's a formidable air superiority that The West has that it could make a difference. Just give ‘em a rap upside the head, like, “Listen!” you know? Doesn’t mean you have to pulverize or annihilate them… just make a statement.

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