Phil Alexander
Krist Novoselic
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ITV Raw Power Yes
ITV Noisy Mothers Tribute to Kurt Yes

Alexander: It's time for one of those cheesy intros once again: If you don't recognise this man – you should know who he is, because I do – this is Krist Novoselic, of course, from… I can't remember the name of your band again… nevermind. What's it called again?

Novoselic: Er… it's called Phil. Oh, you're Phil!

Alexander: Ah yes, that's it. There you go the wit lives, I tell you! So, I mean Krist, you managed to get over here and stuff. A lot of people seemed to think you weren't going to play tonight?

Novoselic: Ah man, it's just speculation, speculation, speculation. It's pretty good because I think we're kinda paranoid about lagging ticket sales so kinda grind up the rumour mill over there and people will show up. A promotional ploy – I thought of it myself. I've been reading the diary of Josef Goebbels and I've been inspired. Trying to manipulate the media and one day I'm going to control the world.

Alexander: I'm sure you are, I'm sure you are. I mean one of the things about NIRVANA that's been said is there's been loads of talk about drugs and sex and unbelievably enough not very much about the rock and roll angle. That perturbed me a bit.

Novoselic: Well that's just those rock and roll clichés. These things are romanticised so much. Makes for a good story. I mean we're pretty average Joes even though my name is Krist and Kurt and Dave. No-one even has like a middle name like Joe or anything. But it's like the old story of three guys from the logging town kinda wore down and so there are other stories. I think every other band does it – goes through this big blah tabloid yellow journalist type of sensationalism.

Alexander: Yeah, so one of things is you're working on some sort of new record I believe?

Novoselic: Oh yeah, yeah…

Alexander: Is there any truth in that wild rumour?

Novoselic: We're totally psyched out. We've got the material for a new record. It's gonna be a really raw record and that's all we're living for right now. It's gonna be our absolution because once we make that record Nevermind is going to be behind us and we're just gonna keep doing our thing. I mean this has really been a phenomenal year for us. We went from obscurity to the stratosphere and we have a fear of heights so… I dunno – we're just playing it by ear basically. Things are fine with the band. I mean, it's just so distracting trying to have some substance, something substantial with the band and then it just kinda drags you down like a bunch of weights. Like all the speculation and…

Alexander: Alright, that basically says it all folks. The crap stops here. They are still together, they're going to play tonight, so bollocks!

Novoselic: We're together physically but emotionally every person should strive for fulfilment. You know, maybe something better, a better person.

Alexander: You're still the deep guy I met years ago in London. Unbelievably enough after all [inaudible] You're almost a superstar from what I can gather from these journalists I keep reading.

Novoselic: Yellow journalism, right…

Alexander: What about this punk rock EP that might be on it's way?

Novoselic: No we're not gonna do any punk rock EP. I think Guns N Roses is gonna do a punk rock EP.

Alexander: It's easy to get the two bands confused these days. I find reviewers get really confused.

Novoselic: Yeah, who am I though? Maybe Kurt and Axl. Dave and the drummer. I guess I'm the bass player, what's his name, Duff. Me and Duff. He's from Seattle too you know?

Alexander: Yeah, yeah I do. A double bass playing sorta… well, yeah.

Novoselic: We're gonna start a band called, er…

Alexander: The bass players?

Novoselic: The bass players, right.

Alexander: You heard it here first.

Novoselic: Bass head.

Alexander: Still, anyway. Until the next time chap take care and here's a bit of NIRVANA for you…

Novoselic: Now we've got the material for a new record, it's gonna be a really raw record, and that's all that we're living for right now, because it's gonna be like our absolution - once we make that record, Nevermind is gonna be behind us. We're just gonna keep doing our thing. It's been a really phenomenal year for us, I mean, we went from obscurity to the stratosphere and we have a fear of heights!

© Phil Alexander, 1992