Kenan Seeberg
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Publisher Title Transcript
Danmarks Radio TBC Yes

Dave Grohl: Good morning.

Kurt Cobain: Good morning.

Grohl: Good morning to you.

Kenan Seeberg: Is it morning for you now? Hello, my name is Kenan.

Cobain: Hi Kenan, I'm Kurt.

Seeberg: Hello. Hi Kurt. I hardly recognized you, because you had a haircut since I’ve seen you last.

Cobain: Yeah.

Seeberg: Yeah.

Cobain: Yeah, it’s summertime. I like to shed my skin in the summer.

Seeberg: Why don't you shave it all then?

Cobain: I don't know. I really don't know. I'm not into sculpting my head, like a, like a hedge.

Grohl: Right Said Fred.

Cobain: Right Said Fred.

Seeberg: [Laughing] So you’ve been sleeping until now?

Cobain: I’ve slept all day. Yeah, I was, I was up very late last night, with my friend Roddy Buttom from Faith No More. He was showing me some new keyboard maneuvers.


Cobain: Yeah, most people don't usually sit down and have a discussion on how their band should be before they start playing. They usually get together with what, whatever equipment they can muster up and, eh, play. And whatever comes out, comes out, you know. You can’t, ehm, decide on exactly what you want to be before you play. It's just really a natural thing.

Seeberg: So when you, when you write a song. Do you write a song on an acoustic guitar or a piano, or do you meet in the, eh, eh, rehearsal room?

Cobain: Sometimes we write it on an acoustic guitar, sometimes we write it on a flute or an electric guitar. It doesn't really matter. Any instrument that's laying around.

Seeberg: So do you do it together or separate?

Cobain: Ehm, I come up with, eh, the basic idea of the song usually. You know, the guitar part and then we get together and, eh, play it over and over again. Decide on how long it should be played and all that stuff. Yeah.

Seeberg: And what about the lyrics then?

Cobain: I usually come up with all the lyrics.

Seeberg: Do you do that before or after the music?

Cobain: What?

Seeberg: Do you do it before or after the music?

Cobain: Usually after.

Seeberg: After the music?

Cobain: Yeah.

[On A Plain]

Cobain: We were the chosen rejects. We, we chose not to be part of the popular crowd. I mean, I, I can remember, ehm, a lot of times the more popular people, the jock-type of people, who were into sports and, ehm, staying clean and brushing their teeth all the time, and doing what their parents were su…, you know, asking them to do. Eh, they always asked me if I wanted to join their little club tonight – I decided not to, you know. I would rather hang out with the people who didn't get picked for the baseball team, you know, and who smoked cigarettes and, ehm, listened to rock ‘n’ roll music, you know?

Chris Novoselic: Skip class, you know?

Cobain: Yeah.

Seeberg: Why did you go to school anyway, at, at, at the first time?

Cobain: Because…

Novoselic: We had to.

Grohl: For lunch.

Cobain: Yeah, the hot lunch.


Novoselic: … Just kinda a little scene. Just a, all the people who just kinda didn't fit in, and liked punk rock music, kinda congregated. And we just have our parties, and we wore, like, thrift store clothes and, and, and we were just doing our own thing, and that's when we discovered punk rock, and, and that's when I discovered that, there's, like, nothing wrong with me. It was the majority of the people in town, there's something wrong with them. They were, like, really close-minded. And, and, and I just did, just did not, could not get along with them, you know? They were just so rigid in their perspective and just had, just totally close minds. It was stuffy. Suffocate.

Seeberg: So all three of you. All three of you are, are the ones who, eh, the other kids don't want, didn't want to play with?

Novoselic: I don't… Yeah, that's, that's, well…

Seeberg: Or it’s forbidden by the parents, or…

Cobain: Well, we didn't want to play with those kids either. You know?

Novoselic: Yeah.

Cobain: Really. We could have if we wanted to. If we wanted to, you know, stay well-groomed, but…

Novoselic: But it was impossible. It was impossible, because we had a different perspective than them. And a lot of times we would meet somebody, and, like, try to turn them on to, like, ‘hey man, here’s, this is the Dead Kennedys’, or ‘this is Black Flag.’ And they were just like, ‘ew, you're weird.’ Or they, they were so close-minded, they… we were just dismissed as freaks, you know?


© Kenan Seeberg, 1992