Annette Shun Wah
Krist Novoselic
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SBS The Noise Yes

Krist Novoselic: Just to see all those people there, it's pretty amazing…. it's a big collective energy.

Krist: I think it's a dangerous, insane situation to have 8,000 people just crammed into a hall like sardines. I mean, it's unnatural.

Krist: I think it just happened by itself. There was no marketing scheme, or plan, or anything. It just took off and they just kinda let it go by.

Krist: We were worried about a child's penis on the cover of our album… some retailers wouldn't stock it, just because of that, y'know… that's how - that's the way people think in America, they're moralists, y'know… some morals, right?!

Krist: But, uh, we just do our thing and if they don't want to sell our records, that's fine, we don't really want to compromise, that's not what it's about.

Krist: 'Cause we've been really busy touring and making videos, so it's kinda distracted us away from the creative process. But, um, after this Australian, New Zealand, Japanese and Hawaiian tour, we're gonna take a couple of months off, write songs…

Krist: It's kind of a sick system, just… they came up with this tag, "Alternative Music," y'know? Because, traditionally in rock 'n' roll, new movements would come up and knock the old guys off the top, y'know? And it would just be the new happening thing, 'cause rock 'n' roll is constantly recreating itself. Well, this new movement was coming up, so instead of knocking the old guard off, they just labeled it "Alternative" and it just kinda moved to the side. Now, it's starting to run parallel with the old stuff, so I think it's gonna move over and knock it off the precipice, into oblivion.

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