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Krist Novoselic
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Novoselic: Oh shoot, that's hard to say without sounding totally egotistical. I hope, here's how… if we are important, here's how it will be: to bring a lot of underground bands to the surface, where some kid from the mainstream who hasn't been exposed to bands like Sonic Youth or Mudhoney will understand that there's more to music than just Mötley Crüe or Poison or a bunch of other garbage, you know?

Triple J: So you think that Nirvana are going to be a counter-balance to those fairly commercial heavy rock bands in the States?

Novoselic: Yeah, I just hope that we open up the box, people can find out that there's more goodies in there.

Triple J: Did you read that quote by one reviewer who said that "Nevermind will be the rock album by which all other rock albums of the '90s will be judged"?

Novoselic: [laughs] I probably read that somewhere and, y'know, that's fine, but that's what that person says, y'know? [laughs] That's very nice…. [laughs] for somebody to say that. That's the only way I can answer that.

Triple J: So how do you think Nirvana are gonna front-up to the next album? Given all the hype that's surrounded Nevermind, do you think you'll be intimidated by that hype when you go into the studio again?

Novoselic: Uhhh, probably not, 'cause we don't believe the hype. [laughs] There you have it. Y'know, it's all very nice, people saying stuff like that, but… I mean, the record's done, if they enjoy it, that's fine, that's even better.

Triple J: So when do you think Nirvana are gonna come out to Australia?

Novoselic: Late January, early February. Soon!

Triple J: OK, so that's definite?

Novoselic: Yeah, it's definite.

Triple J: Ever been to Australia before?

Novoselic: No and I'm looking forward to it.

Triple J: OK, well there's a hell of a lot of people looking forward to Nirvana coming out here finally.

Novoselic: Alright!

Triple J: Smells Like Teen Spirit, I know you didn't write the lyrics for the song, Kurt wrote the lyrics for the song, but where did he get that catchphrase from, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", do you have any idea?

Novoselic: This girl Kathleen wrote it on the wall of his house, she's a feminist terrorist. He was writing on the wall too. They were hanging out, they were just having fun. And guess what? He got kicked out of his apartment! [laughs]

Triple J: [laughs] Doesn't surprise me.

Novoselic: Y'know, you've just got to be modest about it. People are just giving you all these compliments, I mean, how do you take that? It's like, "Thank you!" And that's about it.

Triple J: We read about the huge amount of money which they signed you up for….

Novoselic: Oh, that is B.S.! We had a chance to get a lot of money, but we decided to play it safe and get a strong contract.

Triple J: So how are you 3 keeping your heads small enough to fit through the doors?

Novoselic: Well, my head is about the size of this room right now with this headache, this hangover I have right now. So, that about explains it. [laughs]

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