Unidentified Raw Power Correspondent
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Publisher Title Transcript
ITV Raw Power Yes
ITV Noisy Mothers Tribute to Kurt Yes

Novoselic: Hi! Welcome to Bathrooms Today! Today I'm sitting on a beautiful porcelain can…

Grohl: American standard!

Novoselic: American standard with matching bathtub! Notice the lovely brown and white striped décor! Today's most modern, appealing-type…

Cobain: Could you… dispose of this?

Grohl: You can throw it in the bath!

Grohl: Well, y'know, one time when a band I was in before Nirvana played in Spain, I had a fever, and upstairs at the club, right after we got done playing, I went up and I drew this really hot bath. And it was so steaming hot and I had such a high fever that I took this bath and then I got out of the bath and I had welts on my forehead, I was so hot… and that was it.

Grohl: I don't sing in the bath. I teeter a radio right there, right on the edge. And I put two ounce weights here and an ounce weight there. And I sort of make it so every bath is an experience in itself - life or death.

Novoselic: Living on the edge! The edge of the bathtub…

Grohl: Kinda like having all this electrical equipment in the bath!

Novoselic: Rock 'n' roll is an international language!

Grohl: Oh!

Cobain: [laughs]

Novoselic: In the age of communication…

Grohl: Ding, ding, ding, ding!

Novoselic: [groans]

Cobain: Are these the socks you got on the airplane?

Grohl: Yeah, I've been wearing them ever since…

Cobain: Do you wanna wipe with this?

Grohl: Oh, no! Not my sock!

Novoselic: It's like constantly going into analysis…

Grohl: It's like therapy, but bad therapy.

Cobain: Bad therapy! [laughs]

Novoselic: I find out things about myself and… now, I'm a better person because of it! Am I?!

Grohl: I mean, if this isn't therapy, what is?! He's sittin' on a toilet in front of national TV! Christ! This is therapy, okay?! Let me tell ya! I've never taken a bath in front of 10,000 people… this is therapy!

© Raw Power TV, 1991