LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE November 25, 1991 - Amsterdam, NL

Lotje IJzermans
Krist Novoselic
Publisher Title Transcript

Krist Novoselic: Oh, you know, all that stuff happened really fast. Um, there's no real explanation for it or anything. Well, there might be explanations, deeper connotations, but it just kinda happened. Like, we didn't really try, it just happened. I mean, we didn't write our songs any different, we didn't put on any clothes… or make some image or anything, it just kinda happened, it was very organic. I'm glad! I'm glad it was something like that, something that we could look ourselves in the mirror everyday, instead of just doing something phoney. And, I think what we want to happen is… ummm, there's a lot of bands that you know about - Sonic Youth, Dinosaur, Mudhoney, Rollins Band - I mean, the whole underground spectrum… I just hope that out of all this hype that we get, that we can just kinda spread the word to people in the mainstream that there's a lot more bands where we come from that are just great, that we totally admire and listen to and enjoy!

Krist Novoselic: Maybe the explanation that I can give is that, umm, we got on the radio and people heard something that was a little different… I mean, they're tired of bands on Harley Davidsons with bandanas and tattoos… Maybe these times they are a-changin’? [laughs] What can I say, “Well, we're great! That's Why!”? I mean, we made the record and the only success that we wanted was to be accepted in our little scene. Like, maybe sell as many records as Sonic Youth, our mentors and people we've respected for years, and I can’t explain what happened.

Krist Novoselic: I think Kurt writes some great songs. It's a band thing, too. I think the songs are there… I mean, they're easy songs to listen to… I mean, there's nothing complicated, it’s pretty much your typical, traditional pop structure - hooks, melody line, music.

Krist Novoselic: Well, just happens. Like, tonight there was a low-key incident. Last-night in Belgium was a total freak-out, total destruction.

Krist Novoselic: A song like Teen Spirit is like very political, but… I think that we're all very aware of things that are going on socially and politically - we discuss them a lot within ourselves and with other people, just kinda have a forum or something… and it just kinda gets through in the music, a lot of it is just frustration because there's a lot of bad going on and nothing seems to come out of it, old lessons are being re-learned.

Krist Novoselic: Oh, I want to fly my grandparents out of Croatia, that's one of my goals. That's where both of my parents come from, I have many relatives there who I know and love. I know there's a lot of problems there and… I have my perspectives on that issue, but [laughs] we'll leave that to the newspapers who will hopefully portray it accurately.

Krist Novoselic: Do a lot of interviews… people thinking that you did it - “you're in this only for success” - that you planned it, to be successful, when we didn't at all… umm, getting hounded by interviews, or getting stared at by people.

© Lotje IJzermans/VPRO, 1991