Hetty Los
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
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Dave Grohl: We're so far from having any money. I mean, we get per diem, I guess…

Krist Novoselic: Rich, Richard… Dick is short for Richard.

Dave: Yeah, so if you're rich you're a dick!

Kurt Cobain: Music comes first, music is number one, lyrics are secondary.

Dave: Y'know 'My Sharona'? What the hell is 'My Sharona'?!

Krist: Yeah, but it changed my life!

Dave: But it did! Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo, My Sharona!

Dave: Well, we worked with the director…

Kurt: We came up with the idea, but we weren't able… we didn't have enough time to… to really sit down and edit everything ourselves, so… the director took it upon himself to do it himself and just… it didn't quite turn out exactly the way we wanted it to, but it came close.

Krist: Hotel, to interview, to venue, to [tap, tap, tap, tap] "one, two, one, two, one, two…"

Kurt: "Soundcheck, check, check…"

Krist: "Check, check…"

Kurt: Oh, when we were in France last time, we got to see the Eiffel Tower from a distance, as we drove by.

Krist: Yeah, from about five miles. It was like, [squinting] "Oh, there's the Eiffel Tower!" [pointing] "Where?! Where?!"

Kurt: "There's a McDonalds!"

Krist: Yeah, there's a McDonalds…

Krist: Western culture is dominating everything, y'know… You can go to the smallest, most remote region of Africa, walk in a hut and they're watching a television set, y'know…

Dave: Drinking Coke and wearing Levis…

Krist: Yeah, wearing Levis…

Krist: Y'know what are the funnest tours? The ones where just, like, three members of the band just go around in a van… there's no roadies, there's no tour manager, there's nothing, we just go!

Kurt: There's no records in the store, there's no interviews, there's no gas!

Krist: There's no, no, no. There's total depravity!

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MTV: Yeah? Okay… Um, I just heard that you sold 600,000 albums in the United States, does that make it, like, platinum or something like that?

Grohl: It makes it gold...

Cobain: It makes it a free gift to my Mother for Christmas…

Grohl: Exactly! [laughs]

Cobain: I don't have to pay for a gift!

Grohl: What's Mom gettin' for Christmas? Oh, I guess she's gettin' a gold record!

MTV: So, does that mean you guys are, like, rich now?

Grohl: Hell, no! We're so far from having any money! I mean, we get per diem, I guess…

MTV: Do you care what, like, critics think? I've never heard as many glowing critiques…

Novoselic: Oh, glowing!

MTV: Does that make you feel good?

Novoselic: Well… I mean, it's better than being slammed, that's for sure!

Grohl: But, y'know, if I was reading the same thing about another band, I wouldn't believe it!

Novoselic: No way!

Grohl: I'm not gonna believe some journalist that's spewing about some band that he thinks changed his life… y'know, you can't believe everything you read.

Novoselic: I mean, all you have to do is… the music is a personal experience. You put the music on and whatever you get out of it, y'know, if it's good or bad… if it's bad and you don't like it, just walk away from it, y'know? If it's good, if it works for you...

Cobain: [lays head on desk]

Grohl: You know this lighter…

Novoselic: What the hell?!

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