Frédéric Brebant
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
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TBC Felix Yes

Felix: How would you define the music of Nirvana?

Krist: [Taps a beat on the table]

Dave: Na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Kurt: With a twist of lemon!

Felix: In "Teen Spirit" you seem to complain about the apathy of our generation, is that right?

Kurt: Whatever you wanna make out of it… it's up to you…

Felix: And do you share…

Kurt: It's your crossword puzzle.

Felix: And do you share this lack of engagement yourself?

Kurt: What, being apathetic?

Felix: Yeah.

Kurt: Sure.

Felix: Why?

Dave: Why?!?

Kurt: Because we sleep too much.

Kurt: Punk-rock should mean freedom: liking and accepting anything that you like, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and it has passion!

Felix: How many guitars have you destroyed since your first concert?

Krist: I don't think it has anything to do with the music…

Kurt: It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with violence either… it's fun, it's pure fun!

Felix: What do you get from smashing guitars at the scene?

Kurt: Satisfaction, climax…

Krist: We don't have to do encores.

Kurt: Yeah, there you go! It's a good excuse not to do an encore!

Krist: Yeah…

Felix: And how do you see Nirvana in 10 years?

Krist: I see us on-stage, playing in dorky clothes and, uhhh, just totally wrinkled and, like, trying to relive our past and trying to remind people of the good ol' days! How things used to be, y'know? Cruisin' in your car! Or, y'know, smokin' pot and listening to music! Eh, those were the times, y'know?! It's called "Children Of The Revolution: 20 Of Your Greatest Hits By Nirvana! 'Floyd The Barber', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'…" And in the future we'll have songs like "Accept Me General Public, Because I Need The Cash", or that one notable one: "Hey Baby Baby, Pay For My Limousine"!

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