LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE November 20, 1991 - Baricella, IT

Angela Zocco
Massimo Mosca
Kurt Cobain
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Radio Cittá Fujiko TBC Yes (Italiano)

Massimo Mosca: Il casino è alto qui al Kryptonight, comunque siamo qui con Kurt Cobain, non sappiamo se è un'esclusiva particolare di Radio Città 103. Comunque, la prima domanda: come mai questo cambio, musicale, direzionale?

Kurt Cobain: Um, I don't think of it as a drastic change, I don't think of it as much as other people have claimed it to be. It's like two years of evolving and practicing together and having different drummers and admitting that we like pop music more than we did at the time the ‘Bleach’ album came out. So, it's not as drastic a change as everyone is claiming it is.

MM: Seconda domanda, come siete stati accolti a Seattle, dato che l'ondata principale era quella che rispecchiava il tipo di musica della Sub Pop?

KC: Mmm. Our audiences have grown, we're a lot more popular than we used to be, so I think everyone is accepting it and liking it a lot.

MM: I rapporti con la Sub Pop non sono cambiati affatto,vanno ancora bene? Ho visto sul disco [il logo di] "David Geffen".

KC: Oh we've… we're not on Sub Pop anymore, we've signed to David Geffen Company. And the reason the Sub Pop label is on our album is because it’s part of the contractual buy-out that we had to make to get off of the Sub Pop contract, because we were signed to them for seven years and we had to give them a bunch of money. But, umm, our relationship with them is just fine, y'know? We're still good friends with them and we talk.

Angela Zocco: No problem with them?

KC: Oh, no problems at all.

MM: Pessima domanda, magari l'avrai sentita tantissime volte: come va meglio, in quattro o in tre?

KC: Oh, definitely with three, yeah. Because we've never thought of Jason, the other guitar player, as a permanent member of the band. We recorded the ‘Bleach’ album as a three-piece and then, while the album was being released, we decided to put Jason's picture and his name on the album stating that he played on the album, but he never did, so… And he was only in the band for, like, six months and then we kicked him out, so…

MM: Un'altra domanda forse ricorrente: è la seconda ondata, se non vado errato, della tournée dei Nirvana, sarebbe la seconda volta, quindi, presentano un nuovo disco, leggermente cambiato. Come li ha accolti in Italia adesso la gente?

KC: But, we only played in two shows - we only played two shows the last time we were here with Tad, but the crowds were actually bigger than they are now, so I haven't noticed if we might be more popular or not, umm, I don't know…

AZ: Volevo chiedere cosa ne pensavano loro del loro stile di vita, che viene dichiarato come il classico sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. Is this correct or not?

KC: Well, at times it is, but not as much as the person who wrote that article would like everyone to believe. I mean, it's obvious that all English music papers are a bunch of bullshit, y'know? They're a big lie all the time, so don't accept anything you read in an English paper.

AZ: Is it not true?

KC: It's not true all the time; it's not as exaggerated as that article would believe.

MM: Un grazie particolare a Kurt. Thank you.

© Massimo Mosca & Angela Zocco, 1991