LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE October 25, 1991 - Los Angeles, CA, US

Tom Harrison
Krist Novoselic
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The Province Nirvana Minds Store: Fans want to be entertained, and the band does it Yes

Nevermind, Nirvana's second album, has made the group one of the fastest-rising hard-rock bands in North America, and planted the Seattle band in a maelstrom of tours, promotions, and interviews.

While Chris Novoselic claims that he and mates Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl are taking everything in stride, it's evident in a telephone call from his L.A. hotel room that he's tired, beat and bored by all but the playing.

"It's pretty much an excited, pumped audience every night," he says, and goes on to explain a line from Nevermind's first track, Smells Like Teen Spirit: "Here we are now, entertain us."

"People pay money to see us and we try to give them what they want and maybe get them involved. The song is about apathy. It seems to be that that's the way the world is – apathetic."

"If you're looking for deeper meaning, the songs do have a few lines about relationships and issues and politics – but not deep politics. We're pretty much up there to entertain."

Nirvana is at the Commodore tonight with Mudhoney, one of the first bands on the Sub Pop label to signal the world that there was a rumble going on in Seattle.

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