LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September ??, 1991 - London, UK

Unidentified Raw Power Correspondent
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Publisher Title Transcript
ITV Raw Power Yes
ITV Raw Power TBC
ITV Noisy Mothers Tribute to Kurt Yes

Grohl: Hello. We are Nirvana and this is our new video, Smells Like Teen Spirit, which is on our record, Nevermind. And they have to play our music, since they didn't have that R.E.M. video, the, uhhh…

Novoselic: The one with guy goin' like that… [imitates Michael Stipe dancing]

Grohl: Yes, Spotty Limey People, I mean, Shiny Happy People.

Novoselic: [laughs]

Grohl: So this is our new video, off our new record, and, uhhh, borrow it off a friend or something, don't spend any money on it…


Grohl: Hello, I'm Dave

Novoselic: Oh, I'm Krist.

Cobain: I'm Kurt and we're Nirvana.

Grohl: And You're watching Raw Power TV.

Novoselic: The first album I ever bought was an 8-track tape, Led Zeppelin III, then I brought it home and there wasn't no crazy gyro-spiral wheel in it, so…

Grohl: You got ripped.

Novoselic: I got ripped, totally man!

Grohl: I never bought records, I waited for CDs to come out, because I think that records are just shit!

Novoselic: And you've got reel-to-reels, right? [laughs]

Cobain: Right, quadraphonic.

Novoselic: We never bought any records.

Grohl: Y'know, records just blew!

Cobain: No, I bought Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks.

Grohl: Actually, the first record that I ever bought…

Novoselic and Cobain: [sing] "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons In the sun…"

Grohl: I don't know that song, I didn't buy that record!

Cobain: Oh, you don't know that?

Grohl: No!

Cobain: Oh, it didn't come out on CD.

Grohl: That's right.

© Raw Power TV, 1991