LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September ??, 1991 - Tacoma, WA, US

Crusty Muncher
Krist Novoselic
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The Michigan Review Vol.10 #2 A New Dosage of Nirvana Yes

This week Nirvana will be releasing the follow-up to the Sub Pop smash Bleach on their new label, Geffen Records. Titled Nevermind, the sophomore effort features 12 tracks laden with lots of guitar (both electric and acoustic) and impressive vocal melodies. Vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain moans, whines, and screams with the soul of an old Motown singer and the garage-grit of Neil Young, while drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Chris Novoselic supplement Cobain's beautiful sloppy-yet-poppy noise with rude and churning rhythms which both stabilize and characterize the Nirvana sound.

The band recently completed a European tour with label-mates Sonic Youth and are currently doing their soul-punk thing in clubs here in the states.

Just before hitting the road with supporters Urge Overkill, bassist Chris Novoselic took some time to give us the scoop on himself and his trio…

Crappy music and major labels: “Most mainstream music is so stale and bad. Then again, it might be a reflection of society's tastes. So who knows if what we want to do stands a chance. I believe that there's a lot of good music out there and people have to hear these bands. Somebody's got to spread the gospel and I hope we can do that. That is kind of how we justify what we did by moving to a major. We want to break the way for these bands.”

Influences and groovy bands: “I like country music, world music, and rock music. As long as it strikes a chord with me and has that special muse. I like bands with a good pop sensibility: well written songs and hooks. I’m into the Melvins, Sonic Youth, L7, Teenage Fan Club.”

Videos and cheerleader chests: “Our first video is for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ It takes place at a high school pep rally and the cheerleaders have anarchy symbols on their chests. It is a ‘cool goes crazy’ video.”

Songwriting and the meister: “Kurt is the meister behind the songs. He'll sit on his couch and hack off a riff and a vocal melody and then he brings it to the band and we throw in some dynamics.”

Touring and dying: “We will tour until we go insane or die of exhaustion. We're going to go out with Urge Overkill and then the Melvins. Teenage Fan Club will be with us on the West Coast dates.”

Nirvana with special guests Urge Overkill will perform at St. Andrew's in Detroit on Friday, October 11.

Crusty Muncher has spent most of September underwater holding his breath.

© Crusty Muncher, 1991